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How To Select A Transformer
If you are starting with a new application and want to know how to select a transformer, here are the things you need to decide to make your choice. ...
How To Connect Current Transformers?
The primary of a current transformer typically has only one turn. This is not really a turn or wrap around the core but just a conductor or b...
Connection between low-voltage current transformers and ammeter
The current ratio of the ammeter is the same as that of the current transformer. The primary cable passes through the transformer P1. And secondary cur...
Comparison of the highest voltage for equipment Um specified in GB and IEC standards
For instrument transformer, there are various standards in different countries and areas. Mainly including GB 20840 (China), IEC 61869 (Europe) and ANS...
Cable Accessories- Cold Shrink Terminations and Joints
Cold shrinkable indoor / outdoor terminal equipment is mainly suitable for single-core and three-core polyethylene cable terminals, and is mostly used ...
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