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How To Select A Transformer
DATE : 2020-07-04 READ : 258
If you are starting with a new application and want to know how to select a transformer, here are the things you need to decide to make your choice.

Input & Output Voltage, Frequency, Current.

To select the proper transformer, determine the input and output voltages, frequency and current. The faster the voltage changes, the higher the frequency. The higher the current, the more heat is produced. Other equations apply.

Safety Agency Certification Requirements.

UL, CSA, CE requirements vary from one application to another. For example, medical products have very different requirements than office products. You should determine which specific agency standard you are trying to meet.

Mounting Configuration needs to be decided.

Usual choices are PC mount or Chassis mount. However, our application engineers can offer a number of other options to meet your special requirements.

Available area is sometimes very limited.

If this is true in your configuration be ready to specify Height, Length, & Width limits. Knowing size limitations up front will help expedite the proper transformer selection process. 


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