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In order to enhance the quality awareness of all employees and improve product quality and work quality, Zhuhai Branch launched the "Quality Month" activ...
Congratulations:Chuangyin cable accessories “After-sales installation team” established!
This year's golden autumn in October is a harvest season, and it is also a glorious moment when the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of C...
Technological innovation as the driving force - Jiangxi Chuangyin makes headlines in Chaisang District
Recently, the reporter came to our Jiangxi Chuangyin Technology Co., Ltd. The company is preaching the spirit of the 20th Party Congress. Everyone said t...
Chuangyin products appeared at the Eastern European Energy Exhibition
Chuangyin Technology Team Building, Birthday Party ~ We are fortunate to meet
Create a syndicated style Zhuhai Chuangyin Build a home together and reward the moon Autumn has come, a wisp of c...
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