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Another piece of good news: Chuangyin Shenzhen, Jiangxi and Zhuhai have all won the title of A-level taxpayer
Recently, Chuangyin has another good news. After Zhuhai Chuangyin was awarded the title of A taxpayer, Shenzhen Chuangyin and Jiangxi Chuangyin were...
Good news: ChuangYin won the national utility model patent again and won the A-class taxpayer title
Recently, another scientific and technological innovation achievement of Shenzhen Chuangyin won the utility model patent certificate issued by the State ...
In the hot summer, Jiangxi Chuangyin tries its best to meet the needs of overseas customers
Since the beginning of summer, the company's orders from international customers have been pouring in. Jiangxi factory has been working at full speed ...
Chuangyin succeeded in obtaining the certificate-CIDET
On July 2020, after a year of continuous communication and discussion between our international business team with our customers, as well as the full c...
Chunangyin sales summary meeting for the middle of 2020
On July 18, Chuangyin Technology's three companies held the sales summary meeting for the first half of 2020 in Zhuhai Company. During the meeting, ...
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