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2024Q1 Meeting
DATE : 2024-04-16 READ : 180

On the morning of April 12th, Shenzhen CHUANGYIN Co., Ltd. held the summary meeting and work plan meeting of the first quarter of 2024, reviewing and summarizing the current development and overall production situation of the company. The leading representatives of each branch and department carefully reviewed the main work output of the first quarter, the pain points of existing problems and the follow-up work plan, Continue to forge ahead in order to reach the company's annual target. Gong Xiaoming, general manager of the company, Cai Yi, executive deputy general manager, Lin bingshuai, deputy general manager of sales and Rao songliu, Wang Gongyue, general managers of branch companies in both places attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the sales departments of Shenzhen headquarters, Zhuhai chuangyin electric power sales department and Jiangxi chuangyin electric power sales department clearly reported the sales performance of each department in the form of charts and numbers in turn. Lin bingshuai, the deputy general manager of sales, summarized the overall market sales situation of the company and put forward suggestions and directions for the follow-up work.

The Technology Center, Logistics Center, Quality Center, Jiangxi branch and Zhuhai branch also elaborated the achievements and plans of the first quarter work at the meeting.

Finally, Gong Xiaoming, the general manager of the company, commented on the achievements achieved by each sales and branch company. He not only affirmed those who had outstanding achievements and completed the annual performance targets ahead of time, but also put forward high hopes for those who did not perform well in the first quarter.

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