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M country customers visit CHUANGYIN Tech
DATE : 2023-09-28 READ : 613

On the morning of September 12th, 2023, clients from M country came all the way to visit CHUANGYIN Tech Group Jiangxi CHUANGYIN Tech factory. The group's general manager Gong Xiaoming, Shenzhen sales vice president Lin bingshuai, technology center chief engineer Zhou Pingjiang, Jiangxi CHUANGYIN Tech general manager Rao songliu, sales manager Yan Jinfeng and other core members of CHUANGYIN Tech warmly welcomed and accompanied them all the way.

In the conference room, CHUANGYIN Tech team introduced the company's development history, corporate culture and corporate vision, and fully communicated and discussed with customers about hot products in the M country market. Through visiting the exhibition hall and the production workshop, we showed the large scale of CHUANGYIN Tech production, exquisite technology and advanced and efficient quality control level to the customers of M country.

At the dinner party, the customers of country M fully affirmed the good cooperation relationship with CHUANGYIN Tech all the time, and were willing to continue to expand and deepen the cooperation with CHUANGYIN Tech in power transformers, Cable accessories and other products. Senior executives of CHUANGYIN Tech expressed their willingness to work with customers to build smart grids and provide customers with high quality products and services of global smart grids.


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