CY –QCT03-46 (500A) Clamp-on Current Transformer

This type CT is designed for easy installation in tight spaces and environment without removing the main busbar or cable .The connector uses the holding pressure of folding structure. Safety isolation to protect the user from direct contact with the electrified body.Meet the 600V,CATIII secure degree.


.Flexible and light weights,exquisite appearance

.Easilyquick installation in tight spaces

.Excellent linearity

.Maximum measuring current up to 550A


.Power quality monitoring .Smart logger .Distributed measurement systems


Mechanical Dimension:


Electrical Parameter:




Rated Primary

500A  AC

Output voltage

1Mv   AC/A

Amplitude Accuracy

±0.3%rdg. ±0.01%f.s.(f.s:500A,45Hz-66Hz,primary conductor in the center)

Phase Accuracy

±0.5º(10-100%IIn )(45Hz-5kHz)

The Amplitude Frequency Characteristic

±1%(45Hz-5kHz)(Deviation Accuracy)

Conductor Impact


The influence of external electromagnetic fields

≤0.1A(In AC 400A/m electromagnetic fields)

Maximum input current

550A AC Continuous (45-66Hz,Ambient temperature50º C

Temperature Coefficient

0.02%reading data /º C

Dielectirc strength

5312V ACrms/continue15seconds(circuits-iron core)

The Maximum rated voltage

600V crms

Operating temperature humidity

0 to 50º (32-122º F), ≤80%RH(NO condensate)

Storage temperature humidity

-10º C to60º C(14-140º F), ≤80%RH(NO condense)

Indoors operating environment ,UP to 2000m above sea level


Applicable Standards

Safety:EN 61010-2-032:2002,CATIII ,Contamination II

EMC:EN 1326:1997+A1:1998+A22001+A32003(classA)

Measurable conductor diameter


Cable Length



About 79W*159H*40Dmm (Excluding Protruding parts)


About 380G


Usage Application:


1. Connect theBNC connector,then lock

2. Open the clamp

3. Insert the able into clamp, then close



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