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CYEVT1-36 Electronic voltage transformer

The products accord with standard IEC60044-7, GB/T20840.7-2007, and can meet customer’s other special requirement. The products use resistive partial-pressure method to test voltage, mainly be used in the 35kV switchgear, match with electric instrument, digital measure and protective equipment, can at the same time realize the multi-functions such as measure, control, protection and data transmission etc.


Main technical parameter

1.Rated primary voltage : 35/ √3kV

2.  Rated secondary voltage : 3.25/√3V or  6.5/√3V

2.     Rated digital output : 0x2D41

3.     Accuracy for measure winding : 0.2

4.     Accuracy for protective winding : 3P

5.     Rated frequency : 50Hz

6.     Rated insulation level : 40.5/95/185 kV

7.     Ambient temperature : -5 -40  (indoor), -25-50(outdoor)

8.     Ambient humidity : RH95%(25 )

9.     Altitude : 2000m( Can devise according customer’s requirement)

10.  Installation site : indoor/ outdoor

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