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CYEVT1-11 Electronic voltage transformer

The products accord with standard IEC60044-7, GB/T20840.7-2007, and can meet customer’s other special requirement. The products use resistive partial-pressure method to test voltage, mainly be used in the 10kV switchgear, match with electric instrument, digital measure and protective equipment, able to conduct multifunction such as measure, control, protection and data transmission etc simultaneity.


Main technical parameter

1.Rated primary voltage : 10/ √3kV

1.     Rated secondary voltage : 1/√3V, 3.25/√3V  or  6.5/√3V

2.     Rated digital output : 0x2D41

3.     Accuracy for measure winding : 0.2

4.     Accuracy for protective winding : 3P

5.     Rated frequency : 50Hz

6.     Rated insulation level : 12/42/75 kV

7.     Ambient temperature : -5 -40  (indoor), -25-50(outdoor)

8.     Ambient humidity : RH95%(25 )

9.     Altitude : 2000m( Can devise according customer’s requirement)

10.  Installation site : indoor/ outdoor

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