Test Rod

Test Rod

Product Description:

The test rod shall be suitable to be used with all the T connector systems, allow cable testing using a test rod without disconnecting the T connector from the bushing

The test rod is mounted on to the threaded pin (clamping screw) clamping screw in the type C interface tee and rear connectors. The test cable is connected to the threaded stem and the insulating shroud moved to its final position over the end of the test rod.

The test rod can be used for:

- cable fault location

- cable testing

- phasing checks, etc.

Comply with EN50180-50181 interface C design.


Technical Requirements

Environmental conditions

The straight connector system is suitable for indoor installation under environmental conditions:

l  Severe atmospheric and industrial air pollution, coal dust, sea salt

l  High atmospheric humidity as experienced in coastal or desert areas

l  Annual variation in air temperature: -10℃to +55℃

l  Annual mean air temperature: +25℃

l  Maximum relative humidity: 90%

l  Average relative humidity: 70%

l  Average ambient temperature measured over a period of 24 hours does not exceed: +35℃

l  Maximum difference of ambient temperature from day to night: +25℃

l  Altitude: up to 1000m



Rated system voltage


The maximum operating voltage, Um

36 kV

Rated frequency


Power frequency withstand voltage (AC) 5min


Withstand voltage (DC) 15min


Insulation level of equipment: basic

insulation level BIL (1.2/50μsec)

170 kV peak


IS 1516-4

(equivalent to IEC 60502-4)

HD 629.1

EN 50181

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