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Jiangxi Chuangyin | university enterprise cooperation new chapter mutual benefit, win-win and development together
DATE : 2022-06-18 READ : 173

In order to implement the spirit of the implementation plan for the special action of Jiangxi Provincial College secretaries and presidents to visit enterprises and expand jobs to promote employment, actively respond to the severe employment situation of college graduates, deeply implement the employment work, and actively develop and broaden the employment channels for graduates.

In early April, led by Zhang Bingsheng, director of the human resources and Social Security Bureau, Peng Dongdong, director of the labor and Employment Bureau and Yin Xiong, director of the industrial park, the president of Jiujiang Vocational University, chenyimin and wuwenbin, directors of the enrollment and employment department, visited Jiangxi Chuangyin Technology Co., Ltd. to investigate the intention of school enterprise cooperation.

Raosongliu, general manager of Jiangxi Chuangyin, received and accompanied the survey throughout the course, made a detailed introduction to the company's products, future development and employment advantages, and showed a strong interest in cooperation with Jiujiang Vocational University. He is willing to provide employment and internship positions for local school graduates, and hopes to take this opportunity to reach a long-term cooperation intention with Jiujiang Vocational University; During the visit and investigation, President Ma also fully affirmed the strength of Jiangxi Chuangyin and the various national patents and certificates it has obtained, praised the company for obtaining the provincial "specialized, special and new" and hoped to achieve long-term cooperation in the future!

A new chapter of school enterprise cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win development! Jiangxi Chuangyin association actively cooperates with local employers to provide employment and entrepreneurship bases for graduates and better serve local economic construction; At the same time, local colleges and universities can also provide talent support and wisdom guarantee for local enterprises, so as to achieve a win-win situation for schools and enterprises!

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