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"Feather" with you, flying dynamic | ChuangYin for the first phase of the badminton team building activities
DATE : 2021-08-31 READ : 145

"Feather" you together, flying vitality; Sweat, happy sports. Last Saturday afternoon, Chuangyin organized the first phase of 2021 badminton team building activity for employees in nanshan No.1 Badminton Hall. Everyone participated actively and enthusiastically. The two courts booked by the company were full of people.

Badminton on the court, the breath of sports, all the partners are vigorous, extraordinary skills; Doubles, you come and go, cooperate perfectly; Singles, heroic, energetic, strong sports atmosphere infected every partner on the scene, we take turns to the sports competition, heartily sweat, fully feel the sports brings the boundless and lively.

The activity ended in the enthusiastic atmosphere of everyone, I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy, exercise after work can keep us in a better state, with full spirit to return to work. Let's look forward to the next event.

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