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Good news: ChuangYin won the national utility model patent again and won the A-class taxpayer title
DATE : 2021-07-21 READ : 170

Recently, another scientific and technological innovation achievement of Shenzhen Chuangyin won the utility model patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office again -- "An Outdoor Dust-proof and Rain-proof Power Metering Box". The national patent is another scientific and technological achievement made by Chuangyin in intellectual property innovation work.

"An Outdoor Dustproof and Rainproof Power Metering Box" is a kind of waterproof and dustproof technology for the box body, which effectively improves the service life and operation safety of the internal electrical components of the box body, and has a very good application value in the power industry.

At present, Shenzhen Chuangyin has accumulated more than one hundred national utility model patents. The technological innovation breakthrough one after another is the result of the concerted efforts of the technical team of Chuangyin, which brings more effective value to the industry customers. While Shenzhen Chuangyin headquarter has made excellent performance, Zhuhai Chuangyin has also made outstanding achievements, and was awarded the title of "Class A Taxpayer" in the 2020 annual tax payment credit evaluation:

The A-class tax honor is highly recognized by the national government for the tax credit and ability of Zhuhai Chuangyin. Chuangyin will, as always, establish good corporate credit, strive to polish good products, and better promote the development of the electric power industry.

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