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Cable Accessories- Cold Shrink Terminations and Joints
DATE : 2020-02-26 READ : 483

Cold shrinkable indoor / outdoor terminal equipment is mainly suitable for single-core and three-core polyethylene cable terminals, and is mostly used for indoor connection of cables with power distribution equipment such as switch cabinets and box transformers. Widely used in power, chemical, railway, airport, port and other places where cables are used. Cold shrink joints are mostly used for the connection between cables.

Chuangyin Cold Shrink Terminations are widely applicable for use on polymeric cables medium voltage up to 42 kV. It can terminating indoor and outdoor medium voltage cables. The core is stepped to allow a greater application range for armoured cables. Both indoor and outdoor terminations are available for single core and three core cables.

Chuangyin cold shrink terminal and joints features:

l  Made of high quality, UV resistant, Silicone Rubber (SIR), Hydrophobic recovery, non-flammable, erosion resistance and fungus resistant.

l  Provide accessories kit such as silicone grease, constant force springs, etc., to ensure complete sealing during installation, good waterproof and moistureproof performance, and ensure long-term reliable operation.

l  Can be easily installed on site without tools or heat source.

l  Stress relief by Geometric Method technology.

l  In compliance with IEC60502-4, IEEE standard 48, ANSI C119.4, VDE.


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