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Asia's largest smart grid show opened in Beijing on June 15th
DATE : 2017-04-12 READ : 4561

Asia's largest smart grid exhibition CIGEE2015 will be held June 15-17 at the Beijing National Convention Center grand opening! With the new electricity reform program landing, smart grid and clean energy development usher in an important opportunity, the current meeting coincides with the current popular " Internet + "outlet, as part of the energy and the organic combination of the Internet, smart grid will be the industry's attention. The show will showcase the latest technology products of the smart grid industry chain. The conference has four major themes: the Global Smart Grid Summit, the Global Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Summit, the 2015 China-US Smart City Forum, the China International Power and Clean Energy Cooperation Forum. From the United Nations, the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, Japan and other countries and IEC, IEEE, the National Energy Board, the State Grid, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University leadership and authoritative experts will attend and report to the General Assembly.

Here are some speakers:

Liang Zhipeng: Deputy Director, New Energy Department, National Energy Bureau

Zhou Xiaoxin: Honorary Dean of China Academy of Electric Sciences Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zhang Qiping: Chief Engineer of State Grid Corporation

Chen Faoxi: mayor of Nanjing Jiangning District

Gao Dechen: executive vice mayor of Jiangning District, Nanjing

Wu Xi nine: Chairman of the US-China Green Energy Promotion Association

Li Dingyi: US-China Green Energy Promotion Association, a senior researcher at the US Department of Electrical Engineering

Zhang Xiaofeng: Senior Vice President of US-China Green Energy Promotion Association, Director of Howard Industrial Company

Guihui Hong: Deputy Director, Digital Urban Engineering Research Center, China Urban Science Research Association

Ying Guangwei: Dean of Huadian Power Research Institute

Paul McEntire: Chairman of the Palo Alto Advisors Investment Management Company

Alan M. Boyd: Chief Representative of China Vision Systems Technology Co., Ltd. China

Xie Mingcheng: US-China Green Energy Promotion Association, the United States OSIsolf Inc. senior researcher

Lv Xinjie: Senior R & D Manager, IBM China Research Institute

Hua Ning: Senior Director, IEEE Asia

John D. McDonald: Director, Technical Strategy & Policy Development GE Energy Management - Digital Energy, USA


David. Sweep: Executive Director, International Distributed Energy Alliance (WADE) (USA)

Ms. Jun Tian: Energy Security and Water Resources Section, Environment and Development Division, The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)

Carsten Ahrens: Professor, at University of Applied Sciences, Jadehochschule in Oldenburg. Topic: (Germany)

Richard: Chairman of the International Electrotechnical Commission Smart Grid Strategy Group

Jean Kowal: Vice-president of Medgrid, France (France)

Arai: Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Japan Institute of Technology, Waseda University Distinguished Fellow (Japan)

Li Fenglin: Vice President and Vice President of Shanghai Pudong Wire & Cable (Group) Co., Ltd.

Ma Zhao: overseas high - level talent "thousands of people plan" expert China Electric Power Research Institute

Wang Anqian: Multi-Contact (China) high voltage switch industry experts

Bing Zhixian: overseas high-level talent "thousands of people plan" experts Xu Ji Group chief scientist

Zhao Sujin: Lime Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. South China region new market leader

Wang Zhao: ABB (China) Power Products Business Unit, Smart Grid Product Manager

Cheng Haozhong: Shanghai Jiaotong University professor doctoral tutor power engineering research center deputy director

Wang Xiaowen: Principal Research Consultant, Longxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Chen Xiong: TÜV Rheinland Greater China business and industrial products and services division manager

An Ting: overseas high-level talent "thousands of people plan" experts State Grid Corporation of Intelligent Grid Research Institute

Luo Fuyao: Guangzhou Branch Ming Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman of the management consultant

Guan Xiaoping: General Manager of Snivet and Chief Representative of Asia Pacific

Song Yu: Marketing Director, Chengdu Zhenxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Dou Yanjuan: Project Director of Mianyang Tian'er Laser Technology Co., Ltd

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