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Ride wind and cleave waves, set sail and cross sea| The major projects in CHUANGYIN Technology Group in progress
DATE : 2023-09-07 READ : 203

Within the half year of end of COVID19 epidemic. CHUANGYIN Tech Group are growing and against the epidemic crisis. This year Zhuhai branch received dozen of customers who visited and reviewed the factory domestically and abroad and several major projects.

From beginning of 2023, CHUANGYIN Tech Group made an steady progress. Zhuhai branch involved several projects in rapid progress respectively. In order to implement the project, CHUANGYIN Technology Group has invested amount in molds, purchasing production equipment and testing equipment.

August, Zhuhai in hot summer. In the workshop, busy and hardworking CHUANGYINers in heat were working all night long, sweating for the major projects. The engineering and technical personnel of Zhuhai Branch Company broke through the traditional production process through continuous trial and verification, It also improves the beauty and reliability of the product. The production process after the breakthrough of this product is the first in China and even in the world.

CHUANGYIN successfully gained the test report of a 100 million project within less than 4 months for the 6 products of cable connectors, and once again demonstrated the speed of Shenzhen and the speed of CHUANGYIN. At the same time, the Rogowski Coil CT project of country L, the fixed sealing pole project of country A and the power connector project of country E are also under tight sample preparation and testing.

Since March this year, Mr. Gong Xiaoming, the general manager of CHUANGYIN Tech Group has visited Zhuhai branch for many times to inspect and supervise the progress of the project. Mr. Zhou Pingjiang, the director of Shenzhen company's technology center, has even visited the laboratory of Zhuhai branch for technical scheme guidance. Verification Department, project department, logistics center send people to live in Zhuhai branch, to solve urgent problems on site, the general manager office of Zhuhai Branch Company led the personnel of engineering department, quality department and production department to make samples and verify and test them day and night.

The CHAUNGYINers will full of spirit and high morale. We have the firm confidence to win. We are bound to cut the waves and sail further!

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